Stars in Her Eyes by Beverly Breton

Story: 6
Presentation: 6
Total: 12
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Contemporary

Blurb: If Dream Man never comes knocking, at least she’ll own the door. That’s 28-year-old paralegal Karen’s new plan, anyhow, to buy her own home, and the reason she’s been working every weekend-- until she bends to her best friend’s pressure to spend a Saturday at the wave pool. Determined not to be derailed by another dead-end relationship, she avoids looking at the cute curly-haired guy—his friends call him Spence-- carousing out in the waves. But the tide turns as she’s caught unaware, a wave pool virgin on her first time in, and swept into a head-on collision with one of his friends. When she manages to stand and open her eyes, the world has disappeared. She sees only Spence surrounded by dancing stars. Has she been knocked silly, or is he gazing right back at her?

Review: Well...what can I say? When I got this one I was very hopeful as the blurb sounds very tempting and sweet. Once I got started reading however, I found a few things that I had issues with.

There was a plethora of sentences that I had to re-read several times before they made sense to me. There was reference to one of the men, Mr Hollywood, who was in the wave pool, as a walrus. Now to me when I think of a walrus I think of large body, street sweeper mustache and a bit on the gruff side. Not very attractive ;) There were also some misturned quotes.

The flowery use of some of the writing "As if magic water wings had sprouted on her, ones that worked on land, she floated in wonder of him and her together." made the story a bit jarring for me to read.

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