Flying Free by Amber Polo

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Treble Heart Books
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Blurb: Lia thinks she’s going to get her pilot’s license, sell her father’s Arizona airpark house, go back to helping beef producers sell meat, and probably find a guy just like the cheating husband who bankrupted her.Seth thinks he’s come to Arizona to build a spiritual center, escape the community and wife that betrayed him, and create a new beginning much like the contemplative, vegetarian life he left.While Lia tries to hide and Seth tries to fit in, their attraction, with a little help from their wacky senior citizen neighbors, pulls them together. All they have to do is conquer the fear of flying and their fear of love.

Review: Have you ever read a book that entertained and opened your eyes to new and interesting facts? If not then I suggest you take a look at this one. A nifty, sweet story filled with planes, airpark life and a super sexy vegan Budhist that anyone would find hard to resist. A heart warming tale about discovering what is really important in life.....sometimes a little later than you had hoped, but finding it just the same. Creative, quirky characters really set this story alive and give it a spark.Good work Ms. Polo a true enjoyment :)

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