Smuggler of the Heart by JoAnn Carter

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Inspirational Romance

Blurb: Disheartened and tired, Samantha Warren returns to Vermont during the winter break. Her passion for history rekindles after finding an old smuggler’s chest hidden in her grandparents' attic. Will she be able to return to New Jersey without her heart being smuggled like the chest once was? Or is it already too late?

Review: Have you ever read an Inspy that touched you so, that it left goose bumps and a warm soft feeling in your chest? This is one of the few that made me feel that way. The way the author expressed the heroines feeling's in her prayers to God left me with a wonderful ache.This short story is just enough, at 37 pages, to whet your appetite and give you warm fuzzies about the relationship with the Lord and His place in your life and heart.For me the romance, while there, took second place to Sam's search for a renewed faith. Not a Happily Ever After, but a Happy with the Promise for the Future, it was enough and I still felt the story itself was a worthwhile read. Thank you to Ms Carter, a good Inspy is hard to find sometimes and yours qualifies :)

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