Love's Sweet Attack by Loree Lough

Story: 6
Presentation: 7
Total: 13
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Inspirational Romance

Blurb: When karate expert, Paige Anderson, meets ex-football star, Dean Porter, people fall head over heels--literally!Despite very different backgrounds, it's quickly obvious they have much in common. But will the dark secret that caused her to turn from God also keep her from Dean? Or will he help her accept that the Almighty loves her as much as he does--all in time for both of them to score the goal of a lifetime?

Review: Eh.....I really liked the premise of the story, but I had some issues with it. There were some editing issues that I think should have been caught. The fist time he comes over for dinner before he gets there she changes clothes and puts on shoes. Then after he gets there she closes the fridge with her mysteriously bare foot......THE MYSTERY OF THE DISAPPEARING SHOE!All in all I liked both of the main characters but I felt the story was weighed down with some scenes that I felt had no major part in the story and the book would have been fine without them. I had a bit of a hard time believing that the heroine would have gotten so bent out of shape during the black moment. But that's just me.

I felt that God came a little late into the story as His first mention wasn't until page 22 then not again until page 51 and then has 13 appearances. I just felt for an Inspy there could have been more about the Lord and his part in the relationship and the lives of the characters before the last 25 pages.
I certainly plan to read more by this author as I feel she has great promise.

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