Roan's Redemption by BK Reeves

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Historical Western Sweet
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Blurb: Oklahoma Territory 1892Addie McKenna finished digging the grave at sundown. She had to get Mattie in the ground tonight; tomorrow would be another scorcher. The dog barked as Addie climbed from the grave. A stranger driving a buckboard loomed from the shadows. As he came closer, Addie's breath caught. Roan McLeod! She kept her face blank. He was a married man.Roan McLeod looked at Addie McKenna, alone beside the open grave. Four months since he'd seen her. His nights had been haunted by this red-haired girl, haunted by forbidden images of them together as he opened his mouth on Addie's and removed her clothes. Those were shameful thoughts for a man who had buried his wife and daughter only ten days ago.

Review: An intereseting sweet western romance that really gives a glimpse at what life could be like.

Ms Reeves has created a tale about family, loss and love. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right time to let your heart take over. But when the time is right it all just falls into place. This tale is a good one that really shows you how things can get in the way for a couple but when all the fuzz clears, the sky brightens and hope is in fact, not lost.

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