The Cowboy Father by Linda Ford

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 17
Publisher: Harlequin
Historical Inspirational Romance
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Blurb: With Alberta in the grip of the Depression, Louisa Morgan is desperate to bolster her family's finances. But how can she tutor bedridden Ellie Hamilton? The little tomboy is more interested in making mischief than studying sums. And the girl's bond with her handsome papa is another reminder to Louisa of the children she'll never have.

For Emmet Hamilton, strength means shouldering burdens alone. He never thought he'd let himself share his child, or his heart, ever again. But before long, Louisa's kindness and optimism start to change the cowboy's mind. Maybe he can gain the courage to trust again—in Louisa, in God's grace, and in this new family.…

Review: A wonderful love story with overflowing inspiration.

Inspirational romance is near and dear to me. The ability to read clean, christian romance is something that has not always been verypopular and at times hard to find. Thanks to HArlequin and their group of fantastic authors, not only can I feed my spirit with up-lifint tales but I can be entertained with the wonderful romance that I have grown to love over the years.

Ms Ford has again done a great job of crafting an uplifing tale that wrapped me in grace and love and left me feeling toasty and fuzzy :)

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