Gift of Love by Cynthia Moore

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Sweet Historical
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Blurb: Lady Rebecca Hastings has lost her sparkle, her intense joy for living, since her intended was killed in the Battle of Waterloo. On the day that Rebecca’s wedding had been scheduled to take place, she is reunited with her childhood friend and neighbor, Adrian Russell, Marquess of Burton.

Rebecca is immediately conscious of new feelings of contentment as she speaks with Adrian about the happy experiences they shared as children. Memories of their past combined with the cheer of the Christmas season—and some alarming visits from the spirit of her intended—eventually bring Rebecca the knowledge of an enduring love for Adrian. But can he ever accept her as more than a friend?

Review: Sometimes with the death of someone close to us we don’t realize how sad and withdrawn we have become until those closest point it out.

This was a really heartwarming tale about a young woman who has lost her fiancé and still mourns him. His ghost tells her that she needs to move on or he cannot rest. With the help of her friends she discovers that there is opportunity for a happy life again.

Totally sweet tale that gave me warm fuzzies :) The rich detail and developed characters made it easy for me to feel connected to the story and it is one that I would recommend to others.

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