Steal My Heart by Dina Troy

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Fido Publishing
Sweet Contemporary
To Purchase

Blurb: When Lauren Hayes decides to treat herself to a necklace after landing a great job as an assistant editor, she encounters Bayard Fredericks working at a new jewelry store, and he’s the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. The attraction is mutual, and over the next few weeks he comes on strong, buying her expensive gemstones over her objections. But things don’t quite click for Lauren. She’s just emerged from a bad relationship, and she doesn’t want to rush into anything that could compromise her new found independence. And how can Bayard afford such costly presents in the first place?

Lauren is completely smitten, but her concerns deepen when Bayard lies about his past, and her best friend, Sheila, suspects Bayard might be involved in several high-profile jewel heists thought to be “inside jobs.” Shortly thereafter, Lauren’s prized possession, a drawing by a famous artist, goes missing, and Sheila claims she has proof that Bayard is a jewel thief. Lauren may be falling in love, but how can she trust the man who has stolen her heart?

Review: An interesting tale about a woman starting over wanting to stand on her own two feet and a man who wants to take care of her. When you throw theft and uncertainty into the mix, things get a little shaky. It's a good thing that it all works out in the end.
But it makes you think about all the what-if's. I enjoyed the tale and have to say that I would like to read more from Ms Troy in the future. She has a very unique way to pen a tale and keep the reader hooked.

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