Keeper of My Heart by Therese M. Travis

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Vintage Historical Inspirational
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Blurb: A bitter heiress refuses to trust man or God...until a faithful veterinarian challenges her beliefs. Determined to keep her heart safe from betrayal, Rebecca denies both God and the man who calls to her, certain his love can never be true enough to bring her back to her faith and a future with him. Adam is equally entranced, but Rebecca's denial of faith proves a deterrent to pursuing a relationship with her. But now that Rebecca has taken a job in Adam's animal clinic, an attraction that neither one believes can work begins to grow.

Review: A captivating read with characters that really come to life. A time or two I wanted to reach into the book and shake Rebecca for her lack of faith and her blame towards God for the man who broke her heart. I wanted to sit her down and tell her It's not His fault that guy was a jerk! But I also realize there are times when people blame the Lord for things they shouldn't.

Enter Adam. a sweet interesting vet who is trying to find a place to call home and start a new practice. He was such a sweety that I had tears in my eyes more than once.

A well writen story that deserves *SNAPS* Here's to Ms Travis on a job well done :)

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